The Three Main Causes Of Tectonic Earthquakes

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Thousands of Earthquakes happen every day around the world, but only a few of these are actually strong enough to be felt. And fewer still are strong enough to cause any damage to structures, even so Earthquakes have the ability to destroy entire Cities or even entire countries (See 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami). But what causes Earthquakes to occur, what happens to a Cities Infrastructure (Utilities, Roads, and Buildings) when one does strike, and what can city leaders and citizens do to prepare before one hits? There are three main causes to Tectonic Earthquakes. Tectonic because they are caused by the Tectonic Plates that the crust of the Earth’s surfaces rest on. Where these Tectonic Plates meet are called boundaries. The three …show more content…

One way of preparing the citizens for an Earthquake is public education. The main goal of public education as stated by (Nathe) “Is to change people’s behavior. Hazards education attempts to increase protective actions by people, groups, and institutions by presenting information about a hazard and the risk it poses in order to create uncertainty in people’s minds. The goal is to make people wonder about the environment and question their safety in it”. By explaining the hazards and what they can do before, during, and after the event the public will be able to recover faster from a devastating earthquake. Another way that cities can prepare structures for earthquakes would to add reinforcements to them. By shoring up wood joints and adding motion dampeners to structures these additions will greatly increases the ability of structures to resist movement and sustain less damage during a large earthquake. In addition, utilities can be stretched by using flexible water and natural gas lines. As well as using automatic shut off valves to reduce the risk of maker leaks occurring if a breakage occurs. Lastly if cities have a well-planned out emergency management plans to deal with the response and recovery efforts after a devastating earthquake. Then the faster the city and its citizens will be able to start the rebuilding process and return to a sense of

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that earthquakes happen every day around the world, but only a few are strong enough to be felt. even so, they can destroy entire cities or even entire countries.
  • Explains the three main causes of tectonic earthquakes: divergent, convergent and transform plane.
  • Explains that earthquakes can cause havoc with a cities infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, and utilities. earthquakes are not good for bridges and roadways.
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