The Themes Of The Tragedy Of Odysseus

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Events like these are those that aren’t planned or even thought of but for some reason happen a lot in mythology.
On the other hand we have Odysseus, a man who has experienced many twist and turns of fate and has suffered a numerous amount of hardships. According to the book Odysseus is the only Greek survivor of the Trojan War who had not yet returned home or died trying. They explained how he was captive in the island Ogygia by the “bewitching nymph” Calypso who wants him for her husband. Back in Mount Olympus Athena plead to her father to let Odysseus back and to return home. I think that what the author did was use the plot to introduce the plot, theme, and the characters of the work. The themes that I saw that would be introduced are
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Odysseus most treasured possession is his reputation and how other see him. While he is gone Aegyptius pointed out that the group has not met in session since King Odysseus left for the Trojan War 20 years ago then he goes on to ask who would be brave enough to call one to order. Encouraged, Telemachus makes his case against the suitors and ask them to desist and his argument was successful. They also talk about Telemachus considering an attack on his mother, but remains surprisingly calm in his rebuttal, he then foreshadows later events appealing to Zeus for assistance in his vengeances. He also interprets something as Odysseus returning. They also talks about the loom which symbolizes the queen’s cunning as well as the suitor’s density. For three full years Penelope worked at weaving a shroud for her father-in-law’s eventual funeral. She played sort of a game in which she would basically weave by day and undo by…show more content…
Although books nine through twelves are told as flashbacks it is mostly Odysseus sitting in a palace talking about everything that happened to him.
They also do a flashback about how Odysseus wasted a year in the arms of the goddess Circe, not until his men started showing him everything they been through and everyone they lost and the madness that’s happening is that Odysseus is persuaded to leave Circe’s realm. In book ten is when you get to see when they talk about how the crew said their leader put them down because of everything they have been reduced too. Odysseus finds Emmaus outside his hut. Although Eumaeus doesn’t recognize the traveler as his master, he invites him inside. When invited inside he gets to have a full meal and also listen to him talk highly of his “old” master meaning Odysseus. Odysseus then predicts to Eumaeus that he will see his master soon and that he took a trip and heard that he was still alive. Telemachus leaves Odysseus at Eumaeus’s hut and head to his place in which he ends up receiving a very joyful welcome from Penelope and a nurse named Eurycleia. He then meets Piraeus, he tells him not to bring the gifts because he is afraid that people, in this case the suiters, if they end up killing him.
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