The Themes Of Love: Love, The Universal Theme

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Love, the Universal Theme what is Love, why is it that throughout all of history in one form or another it is gained, lost, longed after, fought for, died for? Theseus proves this in small part in act 1 scene 1 by being portrayed " a conquering male who freely admits that he has won the love of Hippolyta with his sword, doing her "injuries". "(1.1.17) (Bevington, David 2014). Looking at the bulk of literature, music and most recently movies whether a tragedy, a comedy, or pure fiction love is always woven throughout all of them, as if waiting to unravel everything in a single moment or bring everything together with the grace and elegance that only love can. Love is historic, love is always present and it is love that lends a tangible…show more content…
Whether you have a traditional family with a Father and a mother, or you had step parents, or perhaps you had a role model, a coach, pastor, or teacher, all of us have felt that there was a person is our lives that exemplified what we believed to be parental love. This love was so omnipresent, and formative that this love shaped even in a minute way, every relationship you have had, have now and possibly will ever have. Parental love is formed in an instant by one of the most beautiful and most terrifying moments in life, the birth of a child. as the child, your parent(s) are the set of people that will always be there for you, will provide for your every need, teach you how to survive and become independent. Unfortunately, many times even with parental love there are conditions, times when you will say or hear, " I would love it when...", love is attached by human nature to expectation. The unescapable conditional nature appears when we as parents see that our children are not making the choices that we would have them make, as is illustrated by Egeus's demand for Hermia to marry Demetrius instead of Lysander and the ensuing hostility when she runs away with Lysander to…show more content…
Love is the one thing that we all seek in any and all of it's forms, it will color all relationships and interactions that we will have throughout our lives. Love can console, bolster and destroy entire societies, or build entire empires, depending on how we see, focus on and work through conditions of love, the human

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