The Themes Of Kate Chopin's 'The Awakening'?

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Throughout the history of the South, there have been many famous male writers. Although females were supposed to be more of a stay at home type wife, there have been a few female writers including the famous one, Kate Chopin. One of Kate Chopin’s most famous book is called The Awakening, which is set in New Orleans around the Louisiana's Gulf (Toth and Bernard.). During the nineteenth century, women were not allowed to have multiple spouses; however, Kate Chopin was an activist on female freedom and sexual awareness (Hönnighausen). Kate Chopin uses the character, Edna Pontellier, to show her points of female expression. Throughout The Awakening, Chopin shows her themes of female privilege and sexual desires throughout the characters. Edna is a dynamic character and her husband is static character who both reflects the changing attitudes of society towards women in the 1900s through present day. . The author, Kate Chopin was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 8, 1850 becoming the second child of…show more content…
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