The Tempest Analysis

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William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest tells a story involving unjust acts, and Caliban trying to take over Prospero’s power of authority, Prospero’s mission to was to build righteousness and honesty by returning himself to rule. The idea of justice and injustice that the play works toward seems extremely independent meanwhile the impression of the play shows the view of one character who controls the purpose and fate of others.
In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest the language in it can be challenging and a problem for some to understand, but that is a problem that can easily be solved. I had slight trouble understanding what Shakespeare anticipated by his word choice in the play. As I began to read The Tempest I had difficulty understanding the words not only because they were unfamiliar but because some of the words are no longer used in the twenty-first century. When the play starts you will find words like furze (shrub also known as gorse), a pox o’ (curses on), and roarers (roaring waves). Words like these are clarified in notes with a more up to date meaning of what each word means on the left side of each page of the book this is an example of either a footnote or a folio. In most of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, his sentences are every now and then complex not only because of occasional sentence arrangements or pauses in the play but because he doesn’t omit part of the words that English sentences usually want. We sometimes take out words in discussion and not know were doing it, like “you call?” and who we are talking to doesn’t see that we left out “did you call” Shakespeare doesn’t use the little words in his sentences because it makes for a more theatrical effect. For example, “Vouchsafe my prayer may know if you remai...

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...e island” (3.2.46-48 Pg. 101). Which this means he hates Prospero for all the things he has ever done to Caliban and wants revenge. Which the revenge that Caliban wants is Prospero dead. In a way these two characters are a lot alike in ways that is indescribable. With both characters wanting power of the throne and both to control the people around them that they both want revenge on each other.
William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest is unique in its steady devotion to three unities which are, unity of action, time, and place. These three unities adds the appearance of the truth, which makes it easier for Shakespeare’s readers to believe the events that unfold throughout the play. This straightforward story involving an unfair acts and revenge are a few of the unique three unities that Shakespeare uses and is what makes The Tempest a unique reading for many people.