The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, and A Confession by Charles Dickens

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A Comparison Between The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, and A Confession… by Charles Dickens. A Comparison Between ==================== 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe 'A Confession' by Charles Dickens The titles are both self-explanatory, 'The Tell-Tale Heart' tells us how the heart is an informer, and in 'A Confession found in a prison in the time of Charles the Second' it says how it is based in the period of Charles the Second. The title chosen by Poe is appropriate however the title chosen by Dickens could be more imaginative, and it is long. Poe's title is more mysterious than Dickens's very plain title. The Plot in both stories are based on a murder, and in both the murderer tries to conceal evidence of the murder but still they are discovered. The two short stories are both confessions, in Poe's the murderer could be telling his confession to a friend or a policeman. In Dickens's the murderers confession is probably a written confession because he goes deeply into background knowledge. In both short stories the confession is the climax. The motive for both killers is also the eye of the victim, because it drives both of them crazy. Dickens is more informative and factual than Poe's ideas of fantastic madness. Poe's story is left open-ended, but in dickens's the murderer tells you that he has one more day to live and then he is executed. Poe's story starts powerfully with springy exclamatory speeches however Dickens starts very slow, it is far too factual and Dickens goes on about background knowledge for too long There are only two similarities in the setting, that they were both based in a house. Also they took place in the 19th century. We know that Dickens based his story in England however we are not told in which country/area Poe's story is set. We get the impression that Dickens set his house as a large country house, with an impressive garden. In Poe's setting of his house we are only told of the interior of a house, which is probably an average town house. Poe's setting is more law strophic, however Dickens's is definitely set in a more rich, and upper class manner. The characters were both very obsessive. Both characters also stalked their victims until they suddenly killed them. Both killers had an obsession with their victim's eyes. Both men were very conniving characters, as they both were very precise in trying to cover up the murders. Both targets were also very vulnerable, in Poe's it was an old man, In Dickens's it was a young boy, both these victims would
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