The Story of Chris Smith the Vampire

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The Story of Chris Smith the Vampire It was a perfectly normal cold, wet winter's day as Chris a polite and co-operative businessman drove his car home from a hard day at work. Chris was seen as a likeable guy, not married, but still a nice guy. Chris was relieved at the sight of his house, he just wanted to get home and watch Television. He parked his new Lotus Elise in his garage and slowly walked in with a satisfied grin on his face. He opened the door to his huge, empty house and walked at a steady pace to reach his destination. He switched on the television just in time to watch the ten o'clock news. Chris was hypnotised by the news as he watched it like a zombie. The usual outrageous story was on and this was succeeding into driving Chris into a state of depression. Chris thought he imagined hearing his name. It was like he saw a ghost. Chris questioned himself and re-focussed his eyes properly back on the screen. He realised it was his name mentioned. It was Chris' name, but it was not him. Chris fixed his eyes harder, almost concentrating too hard to actually take in what is being said. A brutal murder had taken place, it was just a scary coincidence that a man with the same name as him had been murdered. Chris lifted his fingers, which felt like fifty-pound weights, to reach the remote control resting in its normal position. He turned the television off. Suddenly a cold sharp pain raced down the back of his spine. Chris had an itchy splinter of a feeling in the back of his mind that worried him.

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