The Story Of Howard Stevenson's Use Of Marijuana

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Howard Stevenson is a 36 year old man who is used to almost a daily use of Marijuana. Howard lives with his girlfriend of six months in an apartment in the city. His use of Marijuana affects his life greatly leading to many troubles. The biggest problem he has is keeping a steady job, due to his excessive use of Marijuana he tends to have trouble focusing on his task at work, he even has a hard time keeping the smallest job. Howard’s use of the drug makes his life harder and affects him in a physical, emotional and mental way and it also affects his actions towards others around him, including his family. Howard’s family struggles with financial issues due to his poor work habits and his extensive use of money towards his purchase of drugs.…show more content…
Bella picks up a bouquet of flowers for the house. Howard grabs her hand, putting them back harshly.
Howard: [Raises his voice]
You don’t need that! Let’s leave. Now!

Howard comes home under the influence of marijuana, his attitude towards Bella is rough, and he acts distant but yelling and calling Bella names when he would be angry towards her for any mistakes she made.
Bella returns from work later in the evening, seeing Howard, smoking yet again.
Howard, don’t you think you should quit? If my ‘job’ is to clean or make food for you then don’t you think your job is to have a stable job and take care of us?
Bella takes a seat next to Howard, bit fearful.
Why don’t you ever listen to me? I told you so many times I am not quitting; get that through your head. No, no I don’t think so. I think we’re perfectly.
Bella: [Sighs and raises her voice as she speaks]
No we’re not! All you do is yell at me and ignore me, then spend all the money you earn on those drugs! I can’t be the one paying the bills and everything.

You think I really care?! I don’t care what happens as long as I get what I want. Don’t tell me what I am doing wrong I know what the heck is going on and we are doing perfectly
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