The Stone Angel Character Analysis

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In “The Stone Angel” by Margaret Laurence Hagar is her own tragic hero. Hagar Shipley unfulfilled life is the result of her tragic flaws. Hagar flaws are that she is filled with pride that overcomes her in a negative way that impacts her relationships. Also, that she is very stubborn and will never show her true emotions, which leaves her life with many missed opportunities. As well as, her insensitivity toward everyone that has come and gone in her life and never willing to change for anything or anyone. Through out the whole novel Hagar most represents the stone angel.
Hagar prides herself on never showing weakness to everyone or anything in her life. All of Hagar life she never realizes that her pride pushes and hurts people in her life,
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As Hagar looks back on her life she never realizes that she is being cruel to both of her brothers when Dan is dying. “'I can't, Matt.' I was crying, shaken by torments he never even suspected, wanting above all else to do the thing he asked, but unable to do it, unable to bend enough.” (Laurence 25) Hagar never realizes that she is only thinking of herself in this family situation. When their brother Dan is dying and needs comfort from his mother, Matt tells Hagar wear their mother's shawl and to comfort Dan before he dies. Hagar's pride stops her from helping Dan because Hagar prides herself on not being weak and for her to put on the shawl it would remind of Hagar of her “meek woman” she calls her mother. Also, Dan dying is weak to Hagar even thought there was nothing Dan could do from not dying, Dan resembles his mother for dying and not fighting to stay alive. Hagar never comforts Dan as he final wish and it puts a wedge between Matt and Hagar. Secondly, Hagar never admits that she likes…show more content…
If she did communicate to each other their relationship might have been better and they could have improved each other. This is a main cause that their marriage fails. She also prides herself on keeping their sexual part of their marriage secret because society would judge her if Hagar ever said she liked sex with Bram so she never told anyone not even her husband that she liked it. Thirdly, even though Hagar father Jason cut her out of the family she is still proud to be a Currie and come from that high-class society. Hagar is given the Currie pin because she was the most like her father and most likely to succeed. Hagar to pass on the family pin to her favorite son John. “You’re to look after this plaid-pin, do you hear?” (Laurence 124). The pin meant a lot to Hager because It was the last thing of the Currie family she had. This shows that Hagar is still very proud to be a Currie even though she was kicked out of the family. Hagar believes that John is going to carry on the Currie name and be just like her father. She tells John to hold on to the pin but John does not feel the same pride for the Currie family and sells the pin for a jackknife. Hagar is hurt but does not show