The Significance in Names

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Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games trilogy, made sure that every detail of her work was significant. Her work is well thought out, that even the characters’ names are not just labels of identity, but serve a bigger contribution to the story. The tale is of a futuristic place of the name Panem, which is divided into twelve districts and a Capitol. The Capitol controls every aspect of life in the districts, as it hosts annual hunger games. Tributes are taken from each district and battle to the end until one is left standing. This game is broadcasted throughout Panem, is serves as it purpose of entertainment and punishment for the district rebellion. The citizens of the Capitol hold names of historical references, which attribute to their powerful stance in Panem. The citizens of the districts hold names of nature orientations. This would relate to their living conditions opposite to futuristic Capitol, the districts are at poverty state where citizens are truly one with nature as they hunt for their food. Collins not only provided us a developing plot, but also added extra details that created a whole new look at the story. The well thought out names of the characters give each one of them a more complex feature within in plot. The names within the Capitol are important when analyzing not only the characters, but also the plot. The names feature historical references especially from Roman and Shakespearian times. This is a common feature amongst American films. In the article, “The Hollywood Sign,” the term archetype is mentioned, it is defined as, “…anything that has been repeated in storytelling from ancient times to present” (Maasik 367). The characters’ names within the Capitol can be categorized as archetypes. In ... ... middle of paper ... ...o do to obtain sponsors. The name Peeta sounds just as pita, which is Greek bread, and is one of the most ancient breads, it means solid (Krule). Peeta is a baker and he is able to become solid like rock through camouflage, but also he is able to be strong enough to propel heavy objects across the room. This is another name with another significant contribution to the storyline. The trilogy has a mixture of atypical names. When looking deeper into the specific characters’ roles and having knowledge of history and nature, there are definite connections. The characters influenced the author, Collins, through history and nature aspects and they obtained their names with strategic time put into them. Something as small as a character’s name can help us understand the specific personality better through knowledge of outside materials.
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