The Sexualization and Objectification of Women’s Bodies

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Sexualization and objectification involves taking something and making it out to be an object rather than a living thing, and making it seem like it is a sexual thing when it really isn’t. Everyday, people frown upon women for breastfeeding in public because their breasts are supposedly too “sexual” to show any part of in public. There are also chain restaurants, or “breastaurants” that require waitresses to wear revealing outfits to show off their bodies. However, in other types of establishments, such as bars, strip clubs, or burlesque bars, women are degraded and frowned upon for showing off their bodies. Honestly, the sexualization and objectification of women’s bodies is a problem and needs to stop.
Women need to stop being scolded and frowned upon for using their bodies in a way they are meant to be used. Breast feeding is a good example of this. Many people frown upon breast feeding, mainly in public. They say that such a sight makes them uncomfortable. However, what about breast feeding makes people uncomfortable? It cannot solely be the sight of a woman’s breast, because often times, people are still uncomfortable when it is covered, simply because they know that it is under there. Perhaps the reason for the uncomfortableness that is experienced when seen that a woman is breast feeding in public is caused by the connection often made between women’s breasts and sexual acts. However, women have breasts for the sole purpose of feeding their child, and the objectification of women’s breasts as “toys” has created this uncomfortableness when women use their breasts for their original and proper purpose.
Along with the beauty of a woman’s body comes a specific function for each part. Women often don’t have control over certain ...

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...lastly, when a women is confident and proud of her body, or uses it to make money, whether it is because she can’t make money any other way or because she enjoys using her body to entertain others, she should not have to be afraid of being degrading or stereotyped or viewed as an incapable parent.

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