The Second Great Awakening

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A series of religious revival swept the United States from the 1790s and into the 1830s that that reconstructed religious life in the country, known as the Second Great Awakening. Before this religious transition, Calvinism was the main central idea for many early American religious groups. Calvinist believed only God could save them. However, the new transition emphasized more on human’s ability to change themselves for better. The Second Great awakening also opened doors for white woman to do public services. Because of this new idea a number of woman participated in church activities and played a key role in enabling to reshape the role of a typical woman while giving them a more respectful, a prominent role and gave them more empowerment than before to redefine themselves into the society. Dorothea’s public service work as a reformer had to do with her religious beliefs. Throughout her childhood she had changed her religion beliefs though she was a religious girl. However, she wanted something to believe in which she felt comfortable and was spiritually satisfied. She was born t...
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