The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hawthorne portrays a society filled with betrayel, secrecie, and sinners. The people of society do not show their true colors and hide their true intentions. Dimmsdale, Chillingsworth and Hester all have fallen to sin, however they all believe they are not the worse sinner and try to seek justice for themselves.
Hester Prynne had been tainted with sin once she had committed the crimme of adultry. Mistress Prynne has "raised a great scandal" in the town of Boston.(chapter 3) Hester left to the new world before her husband had. Her husband has not returneed in the past two years, and she had a daughter of three months. Meaning Hester has sinned by cheating on her husband and having anothers man's child. This goes against the Puritians ways of being holy which means Hester is not only a sinner but a criminal as well. Prynned had commited one of the seven deadly sins which is lust. She is put onto a platform so society may look down at her for commiting a sin. However Hester doesnt view herself as the worst sinner in the town of Boston but, views Chillingsworth as the worst sinner of all. In chapter 15 Hester states how Chillingsworth has "done me worse wrong than I have done him." Hester believes all of her memories with Chillingsworth have been her ugliest remembrances. She views him as a monster for marrying her and thinking that they could be happy since she was young and he was a old scholar. hester no longer see's her old husband but a deformed monster in his place. She disregards any happy memories she ever had with and believes he has deeply wronged her which makes him the biggest sinner of all for ruinnig Hesters life. Hester tries to seek justice by escaping to the o...

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...r himself by trying to confess his sins to society before he dies. In Dimmsdale confession he says "behold me the one sinner of the world."(chapter 23) Dimmsdale seeks justice for himself by confessing his sins so he may die as a man with a clean conciounce.
In the Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne displays a society filled with sinners who believe the are not the worst and that they deserve justice. Some of the them trampel over each other in seeking justice how Chillingsworth tries to destroy Dimmsdale in a way of seeking justice for himself. Hester tries to escape a whole continet to give herself and her a family a better life in a form of seeking justice. While Dimmsdale confesses his sin a form of getting justice for himself by dying without any regrets. All of these characters were sinners who believed they werent the worse sinner whic is why they deserved justice.

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