The Savior- Malcolm X

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The Savior, Malcolm X

The decade of change as so many people called it, the United States of America was becoming a better place, for some. People began to speak their minds, tell the truth, and give their opinion even if it wasn’t wanted. All of that forced changes, changes from whites and blacks. No longer would our country stand as a racially divided society, the protesting had began. It was the sixties, and so many of the most memorable people in the history of our country, made their voices be heard by everyone. One of the few, who spoke so clear, was Malcolm X, a man who would risk his life for his brothers and sisters of America. Malcolm X told his faith, told his truth, and that made him an ideological hero, especially among the young black culture.
Malcolm Little grew up in Lansing, Michigan, where he witnessed first hand his home being burned to the ground by white supremacist, like the Ku Klux Klan. Two years later Malcolm’s father was murdered, tied to the tracks and ran over by a steam train. That same year his mother was placed in a mental hospital and Malcolm was situated throughout detention homes the following years. In his early years he moved to Boston to live with his sister Ella. Malcolm found good and bad around the outsized Boston area, and became involved in the dealing of cocaine, hustling, and gambling profoundly. The name Malcolm no longer existed to him, he was known as “Detroit Red” for his slicked back, greasy hair. Red decided it was time to hit the big show, and moved to New York, specifically Harlem where he could deal and “strike it big.”
Dealing wasn’t enough for the gang banging slinger, he had to have it all and just when enough was enough he took it a step further. Malcolm teamed up with a white girl named Sophia he had known, her sister, and to other black male friends, to pull of some house burglaries. A few went well and turned out successful, and then Malcolm made a mistake. Malcolm had dropped off a stolen watched needed for repairing at a local jewelry store, and when he was returned to pick it up the New York Police Department was there to arrest him. Malcolm was convicted of larceny and sentenced eight to ten years in prison.
In 1946 Malcolm began reading and educating himself to become a better person while in prison.
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