Importance Of Education For Prisoners

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Education is essential for everyone to lead a better life and to become a responsible individual in the society. Education for prisoners is even more essential as it not only makes their life better, but also equips them to lead better life when they return back to civilization. Education transforms the prisoner’s life. It works like a therapy in their lives with positive and constructive thinking. Along with government, private organizations, colleges and non-profit organizations also contribute funds towards prisoner’s education. It is a worthy investment by government to educate the prisoners as education helps them succeed in their lives. This investment by government reduces the crime rate in the society. Prisoners would become responsible and would teach teenagers and neighborhood communities on the advantages and disadvantages of education.
Educating prisoners not only reduces crime rate but improves employment and saves money spent by government on the prisons and prisoners. Education benefits an individual to judge between good and bad. Educating prisoners makes them realize the mistakes they have committed and gives them the ability to correct themselves. They will recognize the need to change their life to get back into the society. Education enables them to think positive and helps them to take better decisions in their lives. This change in them will decrease the crime rate and reduces the chances of prisoners committing crime again or getting back to the old life.
Government like other investments towards country’s development also funds prisoner’s education. Though it is an expense to the government it recognizes the need of education for the prisoners. Funds spent by government in prison education are cost effe...

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...ed life returned to prison with a purpose to help other prisoners in changing their life. They have set their lives as living as an example for other prisoners. They have been positively encouraging the prisoners to get educated and to change the way of thinking. Article explains the views of transformed prisoners and how are they are impacting the life`s of other prisons in this real world.

As published by Sarah Lawrence, Daniel P. Mears, Glenn Dubbin, Jeremy Travis on May 30th 2002, the article evaluates the research literature about the effectiveness of prison based education, vocational training on post-release outcomes. The types of programs offered and the impact such programs on the prisoners. Well designed and implemented programs not only change the attitude of prisoners towards healthy living but also encourage them in participating pro-social activities.
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