The San Andreas Earthquake

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Earthquakes are one of the most mysterious natural disasters that we deal with to his day. That is the thriller of earthquakes, is the fact that they are so strange and bizarre that it keeps us guessing when the next one is to come. The San Andreas Fault earthquake is the most mysterious, dangerous, and soon to come earthquakes that we still do not necessarily have a date on towards when it will happen.
It is quite mysterious how we do not have a date of when the San Andreas earthquake will occur. Before beginning to to crack what makes the San Andreas Fault so strange, we must first break down what the mystery is behind an earthquake. As stated from the article, “The San Andreas Fault”, it states, “The crustal plates of the Earth are being …show more content…

In a recent study done by an article it states, “California sits at the border between two major tectonic plates;The San Andreas is the most worrisome, because it generates the quakes that are really dangerous to California residents” (Zielinski). This confirms that the two major plates seem to have so much power over where it sits on California that the quakes will have a much bigger effect on California and it the people living near the fault. Now there has been talk that California will sink into the ocean as one of the dangers we all face but that is not necessarily true. As stated from the article, “Earthquake Facts & Earthquake Fantasy” it states, At this rate, Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day (about 15 million years from now) be next-door neighbors, and in an additional 70 million years, Los Angeles residents will find themselves with an Alaska zip code” (Earthquake Facts). The strength for earthquake to be able to pull us towards Alaska is incredible, but also a scary thought. There is no way we can deny that earthquakes carry that much force. Research has been done and as stated from a recent article, “Overall, such a quake would cause some $200 billion in damage, 50,000 injuries and 2,000 deaths, the researchers estimated” and also states, “Everything a city relies on to function—water, electricity, sewage systems, telecommunications, …show more content…

As stated from the article, “San Andreas Fault Facts” it states, Parkfield, in central California, pops off a moderate earthquake of around magnitude 6 every couple decades, and is a center for earthquake research. It was the site of the first official earthquake prediction by the U.S. Geological Survey” (Oskin). Throughout research we have a general idea of what is time come but the center for earthquake research still has a lot more work to do. But just because they predict it does not necessarily mean it will come true. As Stated from the article, “Scientists predicted another earthquake should occur in 1993, but it didn't happen until 2004” (Oskin). No matter the amount of time and research we put into we still do not have a direct date. It is a crazy thought to think that with so much research and facts that scientist would be wrong but that is the beauty of earthquakes. As stated from the article, “What will really happen when San Andreas Unleashes the Big One” it states, “While seismologists can’t predict exactly when that will happen, every few years they release a forecast for the likelihood of such an event” (Zielinski). It seems as if this is as far as we will be getting as a date for when this earthquake will occur. We may not have an answer but soon is definitely one of

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the mysterious nature of earthquakes, which keeps us guessing when the next one will come. the san andreas fault earthquake is the most mysterious, dangerous, and soon to come earthquake that we still don't have a date on.
  • Explains that the san andreas fault is a powerful earthquake, but it's not clockwork. many researchers have been looking into when the mysterious earthquake can occur.
  • States that the san andreas is the most worrisome tectonic plate in california, and the quakes will have a bigger effect on the people living near the fault.
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