The Sam Sheppard Case

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Shelby Stamm Dr. Jolene Buehrer GSW 1110 4 April 2014 Sam Sheppard Case Today there are many crimes that happen daily. Many crimes are unknown about because they are small crimes such as someone stealing. With these crimes the media doesn’t get so involved. However, with that being said there are crimes done that are major where the media is finding out all about it. A huge crime of the 1950s was the Sam Sheppard case. This was a shocking case stating that Dr. Sheppard had murdered his wife Marilyn Sheppard in 1954. This is a murder case that will be unsolved forever. On the morning of July 4, 1954, Marilyn Sheppard was violently beaten in her home in Bay Village, Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie. She was four months pregnant and had been felled by 35 vicious blows (Quade). Right away Sam Sheppard was accused of being the victim to do this. Sheppard had told investigators that he had been asleep downstairs and was awakened by his wife’s screams. Sheppard said when he went upstairs and entered the room he was knocked unconscious by the intruder. He denied any involvement and described his battle with the killer he described as “bushy-haired” (Linder). After a police investigation, Dr. Sam Sheppard was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. With the hectic media covering it, they were quick in decision that it was him that committed the murder. This was an unfair trial, ruined a man’s life, and gave him no time for a career. With the help from F. Lee Bailey, who spent five years appealing the verdict; all the way to the Supreme Court, released Sheppard from prison granting retrial for inherently prejudicial publicity (Rompalske 20). Although Sheppard was found not guilty in 1966, his life had been des... ... middle of paper ... ...e. The flashlight was found in Lake Erie, a few feet off shore, next to the Sheppard house. Tompkins let jurors know that Eberling either killed Marilyn Sheppard or knows who did. Sam Reese Sheppard never gave up on finding the truth about who killed his mother. Through all the media coverage, Sam Reese Sheppard began to have nightmares that his dad was electrocuted, and that he should be to (Quade). He has guilt that made him have the decision to not have kids because it is hard for him to hold his own life together. There has been a huge change in opinion from people who assumed Dr. Sam Sheppard was guilty. Now people see that he was unfairly convicted. This led people to believe that the death penalty should not be used. Although the case will probably never be decided, with all the evidence that has been found, Dr. Sam Sheppard should be considered innocent.
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