Leopold And loeb

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The Leopold and Loeb case quickly became one of the most well known case around the nations in the 1920’s and is still a well known case today. The Murder of a dead young wealthy boy by two young wealthy men. The Murder of little Robert Franks seemed completely random. Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb knew exactly what they were doing the day they planned their murder, they just didn't know who they were going to kill. Somebody they knew that would trust them and only if they had a perfect opportunity. When that opportunity arose it was Robert Franks a boy who knew the two men and even had been to the Loeb house to play tennis became the selected victim while walking home alone that day.This case from any other once the media found how wealthy the primary suspects were. These two young boys were caught and confessed within days. The real significance to the case was the plea.. Guilty. Not only did they admit the murder and plead guilty but they decided to go straight to the judge and have no jury. Through out the years Major court cases that involve the wealthy or famous normally are put to the top of the media’s priority. The media controls and attempts to persuade our view by showing the people what they want to. This affects our perspective of what crimes shown by the media, how the law is interpreted ,and also commercial culture in all that it is. A perfect example of this is the O.J Simpson Murder trial. Men and Women are killed everyday for various reasons. This was not like any other murder though because the murders were of celebrities and the lead suspect was a celebrity. The public followed this murder investigation till its end. Children not yet born such as myself remember what happened and details about the investi... ... middle of paper ... ...tes, working in the library, and even giving his body to science to help fight for a cure for malaria during World War II. Parole was given to In 1958 not 35 years after he was put in jail for life plus 99 years he was released as a free man and spent the rest of his life in Puerto Rico. Richard Loeb’s neck was slashed by a razor by an inmate for asking to have sexual relations with that inmate. The releasement of an inmate that has done this heinous of a crime after such short time would never happen today and would not be allowed to happen. Through time our nations thoughts on crimes have deepened and we have become more aware of people and peoples potential to do harm. Each time this case will be looked at through time will change and will also change depending on the person but no matter what we will know that people will always be curious of what is happening.
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