The Salem Witch Trials: The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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1102 words

The Crucible Puritans lived to achieve the grace of God. All sinners, liars, and adulterers were condemned to hell under the eyes of God himself. Arthur Miller, the mastermind behind the sad and heartbreaking play The Crucible succeeds in telling a story of the complicated relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor. During the dark days of the pretense witchcraft spreading on the streets of Salem, Massachusetts Bay, the relationship between John and Elizabeth quickly changes from distant and protective to united before their true love is ripped apart by the noose that awaits for John Proctor’s life. Elizabeth Proctor had her suspicions that her husband John Proctor may have been having an “inappropriate” relationship with Abigail Williams. Marriage is based on the foundation of trust and communication. While Elizabeth can not just walk away from this marriage considering the fact that she took her vows to be with John Proctor for the rest of her life. Things can get quite awkward and in a way very distant to the point of losing trust and the main component of communication. For instance, John Proctor needed to head to the village to see what was going on with these rumors that Betty Parris was bewitched. However, while on his way to the village he encountered Abigail with great shame John knew that she needed to stay away. While on his way home Elizabeth, stated “You were alone with her?” on page 53. Proctor stubbornly said back, “ For a moment alone, aye” which then took place on page 54. Trust was most definitely lost and the awkward distance between John and Elizabeth got worse as time went on. However, the great shame of Proctor started to show when Hale arrived to the Proctor residence to question them about their... ... middle of paper ... ...xucuted for their sins against God and compacting with the devil himself. In 1702 the General court reopened the trials and declared the witch hunt unlawful. Eight years later the colony of Massachusetts passed a bill by donating money to each family invloved in the Salem Witch Trials. 250 years later the state of Massachusetts formally apologied for the incident for those who lossed their lives in the 1692 witch trials. John Proctor was one of nineteen innocent people who lost their lives that year. The relationship between both characters Proctor and Elizebeth altered from distant to protective and to more united as both characters had their lives on the line. Works Cited Last Name, First. “Name of Cited Article”. Name of Article’s Source. City of publication: Name of publisher, date of publication. Web/Print. Date of Access (if web). Next entry here.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how arthur miller, the mastermind behind the sad and heartbreaking play the crucible, succeeds in telling the complicated relationship between john and elizabeth proctor.
  • Explains that marriage is based on the foundation of trust and communication. the awkward distance between john and elizabeth got worse as time went on.
  • Analyzes how the relationship statues of proctor and elizabeth quickly change from distant and awkward to a protective mode.
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