Hysteria In The Crucible Essay

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Mass Hysteria In the Puritans Community The year is 1692 in Salem, a small town in Massachusetts, and the Puritans community is in serious trouble. In the story “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, the Puritans community is in the Salem court where John Proctor admits to committing adultery to Abigail Williams who at the time was very young. Abigail Williams is where the court started after she is involved in the case where John Proctor is accused of committing adultery with her. Abigail also lead the girls and their witchcraft accusations in court. Abigail truly believed that John Proctor still had love for her. This all started when Abigail tried to get John Proctor to admit his love for her. She attempts this by flirting with John Proctor and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the puritans community is in serious trouble in 1692 in salem, massachusetts, where john proctor admits to committing adultery to abigail williams who at the time was very young.
  • Analyzes how abigail tried to get john proctor to admit his love for her by flirting with him and trying to persuade him to express his anger towards his wife.
  • Analyzes how abigail was trying to keep a good reputation with everyone in salem. she knew that hale was here to evaluate the witchcraft and wanted to avoid trouble.
  • Analyzes how abigail leads the girls in the court in their witchcraft accusations. she accuses mary warren of committing a deadly sin, such as envy.
  • Analyzes how abigail is the main reason that salem, massachusetts dealt with all of the witchcraft that has happened in the past and present time.

To start things off in the court, John Proctor is the protagonist and Abigail is the antagonist. Abigail also leads the girls in court in their witchcraft accusations. To start the court situation off, Hale believed that all the information that she told him were indeed false and only lead Abigail to point at others such as Mary Warren. “But God made my face; you cannot want to tear my face. Envy is a deadly sin, Mary”. (Miller 120). The irony here is she calls out Mary Warren for committing a deadly sin such as envy, however both lies with the lord’s name in vain and committed adultery with John Proctor (as that is what she stats happened). Abigail also points again to Elizabeth Proctor and accuses her of creating a voodoo doll and stuck pins into it to harm her, when it was Mary Warren who put it into the Proctor’s home to have proof that the Elizabeth needed to be arrested. “Tis hard proof!(To Hale) I find here a poppet Goody Proctor keeps. I have found it sir. And in the belly of the poppet is a needle’s stuck” (Miller 79). Also it was Mary Warren who put it there, everyone assumed it was Goody Proctor who did because it was in the Proctor home. However, even after Goody Proctor was set to be arrested with enough proof, Mary Warren comes out to tell everyone that it is her poppet.

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