The SAT Overhaul

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Standardized testing has become an extremely common practice throughout U.S. public schools and the rest of the world. Standardized tests are used as a means of testing a student’s knowledge on a certain topic; however, there are many problems associated with the widespread usage of standardized testing. One of the most commonly used standardized tests in America is the SAT, or Scholastic Aptitude Test, which was originally designed to level the playing field for students across America and provide an accurate assessment of a student’s knowledge. Some of the major problems that have developed with the SAT are that the test benefits those who can afford expensive test prep classes, as well as the basic problems with the fundamental design of the test. Recently, the College Board, the organization responsible for the development of the SAT made unprecedented changes to the way the test was made and the way students could prepare for it. Standardized testing has become an epidemic in America, the SAT is a prime example of the fundamental problems with standardized testing, but recent changes are an enormous step forward to reforming the testing process.

The SAT has many significant fundamental problems with the way the test is designed and the way students prepare for it. One major problem is with the SAT is the essay portion of the test. Research conducted by critics of the SAT shows the most important factor correlated to a high score on the essay portion was the length of the essay (Balf). Graders of the test don’t focus on the actual content of the essay, just the length and usage of vocabulary (Balf). This is a problem because the SAT is designed to evaluate a student’s level of intelligence, and if the essay is only ...

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...l hopefully solve some of the issues associated with the SAT, but there is more at stake than just trying to deliver a better standardized test. The reason these changes are truly beneficial is because they are the first step in reforming our nation’s ability to give an opportunity to all who desire a decent, proper education, for this is the true embodiment of America, a place where anyone can succeed.

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