The Romans' Obsession With Violence

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Do Romans have an obsession with violence? We think about this question, and yes they did have an obsession. The Romans enjoyed violence and found it amusing to see people getting killed. It went on until it came as an obsession. It came through politics, entertainment, and family life. Entertainment was not like we know today. It was fights between gladiators who fought in a huge stadium like place called the colossium. They fought with animals from Africa ranging from lions through tigers and hippos. Julius Caesar had given the poor people and the unemployed people to go to the games and forget about the economy. The Romans liked it so much that they put their favorite gladiator’s picture on baby bottles. The people in the colosseum sometimes told the gladiator to kill its enemy by making thumbs up. They would yell for the gladiator to kill. In modern times, we also have violence in entertainment. Things like boxing and wrestling have lots of fighting and killing sometimes. That is one way the modern society is like the ancient Romans. But we really don’t yell for the perso...
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