The Role of Nelson Mandela and President De Klerk in Bringing about the End of Apartheid in South Africa

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Apartheid, means "separateness", this was a social system enforced by

white minority governments in twentieth-century upon those of ethnic

minorities in South Africa. Under apartheid, the black majority was

segregated, and was denied political and economic rights equal to

those of whites, this had become a distressing daily routine for the

Africans. Therefore in 1991 when De Klerk announced the end of

Apartheid, this was a momentous moment for the whole of South Africa

and an event, which shall be remembered, in black history forever.

After over 50 years of apartheid policies the Africans were finally

freed from confinements as the law accounted upon them as equals.

However, the question as been raised, as to why did De Klerk put a

sudden end Apartheid, and what had influenced his decision in doing

so. Throughout this section of this coursework, I shall be analysing

the circumstances of South Africa in order to confirm who was more

important in bringing about the end of apartheid and minority rule, De

Klerk or Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela and F.W de Klerk played a vital part in bringing about

the end apartheid and minority rule in South Africa. However, their

reasons for wanting the apartheid to end deviate significantly.

Nelson Mandela was involved in the main resistance against apartheid,

the African National Congress, or ANC for short. This large political

group in South Africa was involved in many protests against apartheid

since its formation in 1912. Mandela joined the Youth League of the

ANC in 1944 but had doubts about his commitment to the party. In 1948

the Youth League elected a new ANC president in response to the...

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...ndela played a more pivotal role in bringing about

the end of apartheid due to his constant exertions and fights against

it. However, Mandela cannot be completely commended for his efforts in

the termination of the Apartheid. As although, Mandela fought against

the apartheid for the best years of his life, on the other hand

received no reactions from the Government to his efforts to remove the

apartheid. Therefore indicating De Klerk played a crucial part in the

anti-apartheid movement as he was president and had the power to end

apartheid whilst Mandela didn?t. Overall, making the end of Apartheid

a joint combination of both FW de Klerk?s efforts in the negotiations

between the National party, although more so, Mandela?s and the ANC

progress and constant dedication which helped to bring about the end

of minority rule.

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