The Role of Motherhood in Blood Wedding and Like Water for Chocolate

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How do the mother and child relations, in the books, Blood Wedding and Like Water For Chocolate reveal the characteristics of the mothers? Mother and child relations are portrayed in our factual life, which affect the child, and it’s up bringing. Some relations are very solicitous and create a greater bond between each other, while some do not. The authors Federico Garcia Lorca and Laura Esquivel implement characters with relations of mother and child to show the characteristics of the mothers through their relations with their children, and form the plot. These relations and feelings between the two books Blood Wedding and Like Water For Chocolate connect to our real world. The qualities of a mother are expressed, through the relationship with their children. Lorca shows the tenderness of the mother towards her child. In Blood Wedding, the mother asks her son to ‘eat something’ before he goes out to work. Later she then tries to investigate her son’s love, by inquiring through the neighbour. Further, even after knowing that her soon to be daughter-in-law was involved with one of...
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