The Roaring Twenties

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Indeed the 1920s left America with jazz music, flappers, The Great Gatsby, and an era of good fortune, there was so much more to the era than optimism and enthusiasm. After The Great War ended, America had hope, leading Americans to take out their savings from under their mattresses and invest in the Stock Market which skyrocketed throughout the ‘20s leading to an economic boom. Although the 1920s remind us as a time of prosperity in US history with some of the most important inventions, we fail to remember what led to this era and it’s downfall. We tend to think of technology as helpful and promising, but new inventions left half of America in the past and the other pushed into the modern world. New government enforced laws resulted in gangs and black market. The Roaring Twenties prospered with technology, and changed the economy, social roles, and culture. Along with the prosperity and optimism, Europe influenced our society and there were many bad outcomes as a result of this era.
Various inventions in the 1920s impacted the world of technology and the world as we know it today. The Model T Ford was invented in 1908 and was originally only bought by the rich. The Model T was slick and appealing as opposed to the older design of cars. After the war when prices dropped, productions skyrocketed because common people could afford to buy them. The assembly line for the Model T’s gave many Americans seeking jobs after war an opportunity for work. Not only did sixteen million Model T’s sell by 1927, but the automobiles popularity lead to the construction of more roads and highways through the funds of the public. Because more roads were built, more people commuted to the cities to find work, which impacted the economy. Many reso...

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...n as The Great Depression which lasted ten years and ended at the start of World War 2.
The Twenties are associated with wealth, extravagance, and optimism. After success from war and an economic boom, everyone had positive spirits. Immigrants from Europe came to America because it was soon known as “land of opportunity and wealth”. The luxurious and posh lifestyles of socialites were known to resemble lifestyles of English Royals. American socialites took advantage of this because we were a democracy and to be a socialite you had to had money and not inherited power. American women were able to marry into European royal families despite their lack of title because they had a lot of money. Even though many believed that the good fortune would last for eternity, it came crashing down in 1929, ending the most extravagant and optimistic era of United States history.
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