The Road to Nora Helmers Dissilusionment in Henry Ibsen´s Play the Doll House

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Henry Ibsen's play "The doll house" portrays many of the marriages in that time. Not only was it frowned upon for these marital problems to be talked about it was unheard of. The husbands and wives of this era were putting on an act of a perfect and happy marriage no matter the circumstances. This in itself showcases that disillusionment is inevitable and to come to the realization that something is not the way you thought it was can be one of the most difficult, yet liberating things to happen in an individuals life. This was especially true for Nora Helmer. The disillusionment in her marriage made her want to discover who she really is. Before she could discover who she was she had to go down a hard path of realization.
To be disillusioned is to be disappointed, and to be disappointed an individual must have previous expectations. Nora believed that her marriage was concrete and real. She wanted nothing more than to please Torvold, and be the best mother she could be. Nora was naïve, and unknowledgeable when it came to serious matters. Since she was a little girl she was to put on an act of perfection. Nora showed many different sides to her character during the play and Ibsen let the audience see glimpses of the person she was meant to be. She was resourceful, brave, strong willed, and rebellious; Foreshadowing to the overall end of her fake persona. All these un spoken traits were hidden by the act she put on to Torvold. Nora was playing a part in her marriage, she was obedient and would cater to Torvold's every need. Even risking her own integrity to make sure that Torvold is taken care of. Nora forges a loan to ultimately save Torvold's life and without the proper knowledge she has no idea how much of a risk she took for h...

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... place for a very long time with no learning or self discovery.

In an instant Nora realizes that Torvold is not the loving, selfless husband she had once envisioned. Nora learned the hard way that she wasn't able to trust Torvold to take care of her and that she would need to start looking after herself. With the understanding that her marriage was a lie and she had been an active part in that lie, She leaves her family behind so that she could learn about herself and the world around her. This brave and courageous action showcases Nora's growth as a character. Its not until she is out of the "Doll house" that she fully becomes aware of who she is meant to be. It took her husband abandoning her in a time of need for her to realize that everything wasn't as it seemed. Becoming disillusioned ended up being an overall positive path to self discovery for Nora Helmer.
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