The Road Monologue

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As I crept out of the window around a quarter to midnight, I ran to the barn to saddle Chestnut. I had to be very quiet so the master would not be disturbed. My pockets were filled with potatoes and bread. Although I was hungry and could smell the aroma of the freshly cooked bread from the night before, I knew I needed to lead the horse out with food to keep him in my favor. The horse neighed softly and followed me out to the pasture. Gaining his trust, I hoisted myself on his back and off we trotted. Miles later, I stopped behind an old abandoned barn to rest for the night. As the morning sun began its journey, I noticed something familiar a patch of woods with a frozen lake. If I remembered correctly, my dad’s old master owned these woods. I spent my childhood running …show more content…

Praying that we do not get caught. If we get caught I know that I will be beaten and be put back in a slave planation. Knowing that I will never have the opportunity again to try to escape again. Traveling thought the woods I ask if I have made a mistake. Should I have some is it for the best of me? The only other sound I sweep of easy wind and downy flake. As Chestnut and I trotted through the forest heading to the Underground railroad, we were trying to get to Canada as soon as possible. Knowing I did not have enough food to supply my horse and I for one more night to come, we stopped between the woods and frozen lake. As I gaze at the magnificent stars looking for the little dipper, it just so happened this is the darkest evening of the year, and having miles to go before for I sleep. Tonight may be dark, but the thought of freedom gave a bright light ahead. Often I think about what life will be like when I am no longer on the run. I could have a job, go to the store and buy the foods I want to, and have life not having to be a slave. We woke up the next morning and I gave Chesnutt the rest of the food we

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