The Rhetorical Analysis Of Do You Speak American?

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In the article “Do You Speak American?,” Robert MacNeil is trying to reach the american public, especially those who do not have a complete understanding of the ongoing changes that are happening to the English that is spoken throughout the United States. He uses a multitude of examples to prove this very fact. For one he wants to inform the people that one reason for this change is that average people now have more influence in the way language is spoken.Which to him is a good thing. He enjoys the new evolution that American English has undertaken. He believes that it is a step in the right direction. Another, example he uses are the changes different regions and/or group of people have made on the English language. He uses the different accents and dialect to show the growth and improvement that occurred. Even though, some linguist view these changes as wrong, MacNeil views them as necessary and as something that is unique to the United States. In essence, a necessary growth that only makes the United States grow into a better country. Thus, making it more diverse.

Rhetorical Choices
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He uses this rhetorical choice to set credibility to his assertion. By doing this he is able to point out different point of views that either compliment or sometimes contradict his stance. Using the outside sources MacNeil is able to reach his audience, the American people, in ways that are more understandable to the general public. For example, MacNeal uses Steve Harvey’s very well known celebrity as a way to reach his audience especially since Harvey is such a well-known figure in the United States(MacNeil,310-311). This overall helps back up his claim to make it
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