The Responsible One for World War One

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The Responsible One for World War One

There are many different opinions and beliefs on who or what was to

blame for the First World War. The historian Fritz Fisher had a very

strong and controversial answer to whom he believed was responsible

for the First World War.

Fisher has produced two books in which he details Germany's planning's

and aspirations for War. One of Fishers main arguments was that

Germany was seeking to expand her empire. As a relatively new country

Fisher believed that Germany felt behind with her empire and by

invading countries such as France and Poland she would also gain

colonies and territory overseas.

Fishers' beliefs were very unsettling to the people of his homeland

Germany. Most German citizens saw themselves as victims of a harsh

treaty and for one of their people to come to the verdict that Germany

was to blame for the First World War was looked upon with shock and


One of Fritz Fisher's main arguments was that the German government

under the Kaiser's reign deemed a War inevitable since 1911 and

therefore prepared for War and took the first opportunity to start it.

Another belief was that the German government precipitated a growth of

the Austrian and Serbia crisis in order to launch what they believed

to be a defensive strike against Russia and France. One of his other

main accusations was that German aims for expansion existed over a

long period of time, leading right up to the Second World War. He

believed Germany longed for an eastern empire and predominance over

Belgium and France.

Fritz Fisher had substantial evidence to back up his beliefs. His main

evidence was the 'blank cheque' - when Germany supported Austria after

they sent an ultimatum to Serbia which drew Germany into the First

World War. This agreement almost guaranteed a War with Russia, which

Fisher believed was hoped for. If War did not come about then Germany

would at least have hoped to weaken the Entente and win a moral