The Religious Context of Beowulf

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There has long been controversy and speculation over the religious context of the poem Beowulf. Many believe that Beowulf was written to be strictly a Pagan tale, yet some insist that there is a subtle but definite theme of Christianity that outlines the poem. Although it is tough to decipher the actual intensions of religious outlook in Beowulf, (not having discovered the true author) it is safe to conclude that both Pagan and Christian components are established within the text.

Beowulf was originally thought of as a Pagan tale which happened to be scribed by a Christian monk. This first piece of information confused people immensely. Some found it hard to believe that a Pagan legend would be left in the hands of someone who worshiped Christianity to scribe it on paper for all the read. The Christian speculations that many encompassed are justifiable because of the various Christian references and elements that can be decoded and interpreted within the text. An example of this within the poem is the reference of the biblical figure Cain being a related figure to the despise...
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