The Relationship Between Women and Film

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The Relationship Between Women and Film My hypothesis is ‘the representation of women in Japanese action/thriller films and, Hollywood action/thriller films focusing on the Asian genre, are different’. I started my investigation by looking at secondary research; the first being the internet. I used the search engine ‘Google’ which was useful in providing a range of sites focusing on my hypothesis. I started by typing in ‘Japanese representation of women vs. Hollywood representation of women’. This search was too broad, and I realised that I needed to refine my search to get specific areas of interest regarding my hypothesis. The internet is a mass media platform that needs to be used correctly to search for the correct information needed, and thus searches cannot be too broad. Therefore, I decided to search for specific films that I would be referencing. These films included ‘The Ring’ (Japanese – 1998 and Hollywood version - 2002), Japanese anime with specific reference to ‘Princess Mononoke’ (1997), ‘Kill Bill Vol.1’ (2003) and ‘Mulan’ (1998), a Disney film reflecting Asian culture and genre. I started by looking at the films’ synopses to work out how each film reflected the representation of women. Two sites which proved really useful were and that provided detailed plot analysis and reviews. However, I wanted to gain further knowledge about the representation of women in these films, and not just about the film plot itself. As I was going to later research into ‘Kill Bill Vol. 1’ with a textual analysis and questionnaire, I wanted information about Quentin Tarantino and his views on his film. I typed in ‘Tarantino interviews about Kill Bill’. This provided a large amount of sites about the film. The first site I came across was the official movie site This was useful in providing information on the movie, cast and crew. However, it was much more like a marketing promotion for the film rather than analytical information. I then came across two more sites with interviews with Tarantino about the making of ‘Kill Bill Vol.
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