The Relationship Between Society And Government In Thomas Paine's Common Sense

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1398 words

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was a powerful and successful propaganda weapon used to promote his idea of independence from Britain. In order to prove that seeking independence was necessary at this time in history, Paine wrote about the relationship between society and government, his opinions about the British monarchy and the King, and the freedoms he believed had been stolen from the colonists. Common Sense was written in terms that were easily relatable to the colonist of this time period. After they finished reading his work, many colonists’ opinions about the British were swayed by his strong words. Even though Paine arrived in America quite late, he was able to make a significant difference by changing the colonists’ views, which ultimately …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that thomas paine's common sense was a powerful and successful propaganda weapon used to promote his idea of independence from britain.
  • Analyzes thomas paine's views on the distinction between society and government, stating that government is an evil, while society is a blessing.
  • Analyzes how paine's hatred and concerns about the king and monarchy were another reason he called for a revolution.
  • Analyzes how paine argued for starting a revolution before conditions in new england got worse.
  • Analyzes how paine called for declaring independence because he felt it was a good time for america to revolt due to its size and navy, as compared to britain's.
  • Explains that not all people who read common sense agreed with paine's ideas. he believed the slave trade was a sin and that it was the devil’s work.
  • Analyzes how thomas paine's common sense was able to reach a wide audience because he was an understandable writer and used the bible to appeal to his audience.
  • Describes thomas paine as the "father of the revolution" who composed and distributed powerful and effective arguments to the masses of freedom-hungry colonists.

He believed that a government’s purpose is to protect us, but society is the positive that can come out of people working together to accomplish something. He stated, “society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its bests state is but a necessary evil…” Paine believed that government is an evil that is much needed, whereas society is a blessing that comes with having a government. Paine thought that the government’s job was to protect the people, their property, and freedom. Paine used an example to better appeal to the readers; he described a small group of people that had been left to fend for them in a secluded new part of the world. Obstacles such as hunger, labor, shelter, and even death eventually resulted in the formation of government and laws. He continued to describe how people would unavoidably become a society that needs government in order to function properly. Thomas Paine’s ideas about the relationship between government and society led him to believe that colonists should be the ones who create and execute laws, rather than a monarchist government. “In this first parliament,” Paine stated, “every man, by nature, will have a seat.” Paine wanted representation by the colonists instead of the King and

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