The Relation of Literature and Life

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When I think of a work of literature and compare it to a relation with life, the Bible is the first piece to come to mind. The Bible is abundantly full of literary technique. It can be read historically, theologically, or leisurely, in which the reader can relate to human experience. The Bible as an anthology of literature, meaning a collection of literary pieces, tells the story of humankind; it is a story of tradition revealing the present. This is the view from the Christians’ eyes, and a relation to human experience. As an anthology, the Bible shares similarities with other anthologies: many authors, diverse genres, and a strategy of organization that is based on groupings of genre and historical chronology.

Archetypes play an important factor in the relation between life and literature. Archetypes are the building blocks for literature and help to identify the quality of the text. Once the reader is aware of the archetypes, it is easier to help unify the bible. This is because we as humans relate one instance of an archetype to another, helping one to relate to a personal experience. This also makes the Bible a universal piece of literature. Another literary fact making the Bible universal and more unified is the fact that it can be divided into hundreds of different types of genres and subcategories of those genres.

The writers throughout the Bible refer to a variety of literary genres in which they write: proverb, narrative, poetry, complaint, prophecy, parable, song, and many others. Not only do the writers of the Bible refer and relate to this diversity and variety of genres, but so do the readers. Some of the genres correspond to the authors’ surrounding culture and the literary forms of that time. This is one aspec...

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...e the characters in normal settings performing actions easily related to a human. Expository writing gives us the guideline; literature gives us the example and relation.

Literature and life are very easily related, especially if you look for it or aspects of what really make up literature. When I think of literature and life, the Bible is the first piece for me to easily relate to. This is mostly because I know what aspects make up literature and how they are presented in a text. The Bible can be a casual read, an interchange of narrations and view points, a historical study, a guide line for the way of life, a book of philosophies, theories, or prophecies, a piece of art, or just an interpretation of what a bunch of people thought at a specific time. There are many aspects of literacy and the relation to humans and life, and this is clearly evident in the Bible.

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