The Reasons Why Many People in the Late 20th Century are so Attracted to Celebrities

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The Reasons Why Many People in the Late 20th Century are so Attracted to Celebrities Many people in the 20th century are very attracted to celebrities. Celebrities are singers, models, film stars, politicians – anybody who is famous and constantly in the limelight. The extent to which people in the late 20th century are fascinated by celebrities can be seen in the extensive media coverage of every detail of their lives as well as the high social status attached to them. There are several reasons why people in the late 20th century are so enthralled by celebrities. Firstly, celebrity worship has been elevated to a peak in the late 20th century because of the dynamic world of today. The world has developed rapidly such that there are many countries that have achieved a higher standard of living and a higher level of income. People are richer and are living better. In the developed and highly industrialized nations, people have the spare money to spend on entertainment. Therefore, they spend their leisure time following the lives of the celebrities, hoping to obtain release from their mundane lifestyles. An example is the case of teenagers in Japan, working themselves into frenzy over their favorite idols and bands like BOA and “Speed”. The late 20th century has also seen many disasters such as wars, plane crashes and earthquakes. We have racial disputes in Indonesia, ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia and the recent economic recession, among other problems. People thus turn to celebrities to escape the harsh realities of their circumstances and search for glamour and success in the troubled world today. From the success of the celebriti... ... middle of paper ... ...s an important role in increasing the level of celebrity idolization in the late 20th century. With the Internet, there is rapid access to information about celebrities. Thus, people can now easily emulate the lifestyles of their idols. People also start creating web pages in tribute to their idols, further fuelling the interest towards celebrities. . All in all, there are many reasons why so many people are attracted to celebrities, some of which I have discussed in my essay. People look to the celebrities to fulfill their innermost fantasies and escape from the harsh realities of their circumstances. The celebrities, with their talent and charm, provide even more reason for people to be attracted to them. The media’s influence and the level of technology have all played a part in increasingly celebrity worship.
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