The Pursuit Of A Cure For Alzheimer 's Disease

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“Please welcome to the stage, Dr. Jessyca Naegele!” The crowd erupts into applause as I enter the stage to take my place behind the podium. It seems unfathomable that I am the one on this stage instead of a member of the crowd. It has been ten years since I was a student at Oklahoma State, and yet, it feels like it was yesterday that I was a freshman walking around campus wondering what I would do next. I remember staying up late into the night dreaming and stressing about what my life would become. I did not imagine I would be on this stage, talking to students about my success. As a freshman fulfilling my dreams of curing Alzheimer’s seemed like a farfetched idea, but now I have returned to campus as an author with the honor of presenting my published research. In the time since earning my master’s degree from a graduate school in North Carolina, I have been employed by a cognitive neuroscience company conducting research in the pursuit of a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. I began as an assistant, but advanced to become the leader of the research team. Ultimately, the team’s efforts were successful when we identified a potential cure. Although it is still in its early stages, we believe it is a genuine approach to putting an end to this horrific disease. I had rehearsed my speech a thousand times in front of my mirror, my words flowed effortlessly from my lips. As my speech progressed, I watched as the students hung on my every word. Their expressions changed just as my parents had when I practiced my speech for them earlier. I could tell that I was inspiring and engaging every individual in the auditorium. When my speech concluded, each member of the audience were on their feet applauding with enthusiasm. Finally, when the crowd... ... middle of paper ... ...path and plan of study I was pursuing was not something I enjoyed. I may have been well into my studies before this discovery came to me, and it would have been financially impossible for me to change my path. Without that research experience, I may not be here today. ‘If you do not remember anything else from today, remember this. Don’t be afraid to persistently seek the experiences you need. You don’t want to wake up ten years from now and realize that you are not where you want to be. I challenge you to take risks, seek applicable experiences, and most importantly, find out what you do not like. Once you discover the things you dislike, you will have won half the battle. These insights will bring you closer to finding your passion and living your dream.’ ‘I am honored to have had the experience of speaking with you today, thank you for the invitation. GO POKES!”

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