The Pros and Cons of Greeting Guests at Church Services

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The Artifact- We all know about it (personally it’s the one thing I dread each Sunday morning), the greeting of the guests. Greeting of the guests is at some point in a Church Service (usually around the beginning of a Sunday morning service) the Pastor, or Music Minister will direct the congregation, specifically church members to go out and specifically find someone who is visiting, target them out and begin talking to them. I will look into the positive and negative aspects of this practice, and what the church should or shouldn’t do in practicing this event every Sunday morning. The Message- It can be very tricky, because people can interpret the greeting of guests in a number of different ways. You can interpret it as genuine kindness; however it seems that not a lot of people outside of the Church look at it as that. As Believers, we mean no harm and are only trying to hand out greetings to those that made it to the service, but in the eyes of a lost person, they see this event as a chance for the Christians to point out all the non-believers, and you would feel like a terrible outcast. As all believers know we are always under temptation by the devil, and I feel that the greeting of the guests gives us ample opportunity to sin or parade ourselves in front of others, damaging the view of what non-believers observe from time in Church. This opens the door for Will to Power, a movement that is sweeping through our current post-modern culture. The Will to Power is defined as the idea of human reason and objective truth, along with all institutions and their value systems and human relationships, and the art and ideologies they produce, all these things are expressions of the primal will to power. Everything is a mask ... ... middle of paper ... ...gregation will probably fall into the category the non believer has set up. So if he is greeted by a self-absorbed man only concerned about himself and his accomplishments, that from the visitor’s perspective, he will feel empowered to declare everyone at the Church a self-absorbed person. Christians cannot go around claiming acts of greatness that we have achieved, we should instead hold ourselves responsible to giving all credit to the eternal God who breathes life into us and sustains us while we spend our time here on earth. If an unbeliever comes into the church, initiate conversation with him, rather than waiting on the pastors command. We must remember the words of Christ, to “go out into the world” but rather than making a mighty name for our selfish ambitions, make known the name of God and its majesty, that all may know of his greatness.

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