The Pros And Cons Of Wage Immigrants

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Since a long time ago immigrant families have been coming to the U.S. to seek a better life. The idea of the American Dream becomes shattered once they start dealing with all the obstacles to get to the United States from South or Central America. People start facing discrimination and are taken advantage of. Since their journey starts, immigrants face discrimination from everywhere they go; the people who help them cross over to the U.S. charge high amounts of money to help them come over. Once they get to the United States immigrants continue in the same pattern of being abused, and taken advantage of. It is important to mention that if people are moving from their own country of origin it must be because the conditions they are living in are worse than the ones they are willing to live in, by moving. People that decide to make the move and explore new ways of living are often faced with discrimination, wage-theft and poor health conditions. “Wage theft is particularly prevalent among immigrant workers, and ―work-related exploitation appears to be growing along with the country’s immigrant population.” (James Pinkerton, …show more content…

They end up doing cleaning jobs, picking up crops for little money or construction jobs. According to the Observer “wage theft is prevalent in construction, custodial work and other low-paying industries and the victims tend to be undocumented people, women and people of color. Some cities — Houston and El Paso among them — have responded recently by disqualifying companies with a history of wage theft violations from getting city contracts”. Illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. thinking that they will have a better future than at their place where they live and that they will have better opportunities. However, what they find is a country of discrimination where the law does not fully protect them and where those in power exploit

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