The Pros And Cons Of Underage Drinking

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Situations like these are mostly due to minors being forced to drink in unsafe, secret places to avoid authoritative figures. This is seen the most in young college students. Many college university presidents claim that, “the more they crack down on campus drinking, the more they simply force that behavior into clandestine location, often off campus, beyond their sight and their authority” (McCardell, 2010). As Dr. Ruth Engs states, “those under the age of 21 are more likely to be heavy – sometimes called “binge” – drinkers (consuming over 5 drinks at least once a week)” (Engs, 2010). This is because people in this society have a way of wanting what they can have, and fighting to still obtain it; even if it’s illegal. High school and college…show more content…
These facts clearly indicate that the current law is not even helping deter people under 21 from drinking, but instead are encouraging them to drink more.

It seems logical that when turning eighteen, and gain the status of legal adult, people should have the choice of whether or not they want to drink. However, some believe that “enforcing the legal drinking age of 21 reduces traffic crashes, protects young people’s maturing brains, and keeps young people safe overall” (Why 21? 2011). “It saves lives by preventing alcohol-related traffic fatalities among 18-20-year-olds and the rest of the population” (Kindelberger, 2005). Although this may be partly true, it is obvious that this law does not keep many young people safe. It is almost impossible to stop minors from getting together at a house and drinking. If eighteen-year old’s were allowed to drink, they would not have to go to extreme measures and get involved in reckless behavior to achieve their alcohol desires. John McCardell (retired president of Middlebury College in VA) proposes a compromise to the drinking age. He compares it to teens taking drivers education. The government doesn’t just let
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Turning 18 in the United States opens young Americans up to so many new responsibilities. Those turning 18 are seen as an adult by not only those around them but also in the eyes of the law. So how can the government trust people in 18-20-year-old age group to pay taxes, serve in the military, and vote for offices that affect the entire nation. Then not trust them to make smart decisions when it comes to alcohol. No one can argue with the fact that underage drinking is a huge problem in our society today. Nonetheless, there are ways to decrease these problems. The current drinking age, twenty-one, is not beneficial to our country anymore. Lowering the age to eighteen with a license will impact our country in a positive way, by decreasing the numbers of drunk driving incidents, and alcohol poisoning due to minors drinking in secret Those who oppose lowering the drinking age say that lowering it will cause less underage age drunk driving accidents. They also say that the 18-20-year-old brain is not developed enough to safely consume alcohol. When the truth is raising the drinking age to 21 just caused an increase in drunk driving fatalities in the 21-23-year-old age group so no matter what the age is the number of accidents is bound to go up. As far as the brain development argument goes neuro scientists have gone on record saying that the brain doesn’t
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