Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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In the late 1960’s to mid-70’s the legal drinking age was 18 because the voting age of 21 was lowered to 18. However, in 1984 a bill was passed that every state in the United States was to change the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. Although this is a highly controversial topic many young adults believe lowering the drinking age back to 18 is best because if they may vote at the age of 18 then, they should be allowed purchase alcoholic beverages. In an article “Should the U.S. lower its drinking age?” written by Brandon Griggs introduces the pros and cons of lowering the drinking age. Griggs explains two generations ago young adults didn’t have to worry much about getting caught drinking or buying their way out to purchase alcohol. Nowadays…show more content…
Alcohol is a is a beverage that is known as a drug and it depresses the CNS. Lowering the drinking age will cause this effect to take over young adults, and this is a huge factor why the drinking age is now 21. After a couple a drinks many people will start to slur their speech, their motor ability slows down, and alcohol also causes blurry vision. We can sum up the reasons why the drinking age was raised to 21 because many people don’t really think when they are drunk on alcohol. Young adults find it fun to have sexual intercourse when they drunk which leads to pregnancy because they don’t think about condoms when they are drunk because they don’t think before they act. Alcohol also impairs vision which of many young adults end up in fatal car accident because of heavily drinking, and…show more content…
Which may cause some issues. An article by New York Times “Lowering the Drinking Age Has Serious Consequences” by Tara Watson explains the only reason why the drinking age was raised to 21 was because of the serious issues happening on a daily basis. “…when many states moved from minimum of 18 to 21. Our study found that a lower drinking age was associated with a statistically higher risk of unintended pregnancy and… worse infant health.” (Watson) Not only was unintended pregnancy the only issue happening Watson also explains there will mostly likely be higher crime rates to last much longer, and this is all associated with alcohol. Not only does Watson explain that lowering the drinking age limit has and will cause a huge impact psychologically it will cause young adults to binge drink as they get older. Furthermore, having the availability to drink as a young adult will cause huge impacts such as fatal car accidents, unwanted pregnancy, and higher crime

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