The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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Prostitution is often labeled as one of the oldest professions in the world, dating back to 2400 B.C. in early Sumerian society, in which the label reveals many western traditional views about women. For example, “women are property and their ‘purpose in life’ is to be able to satisfy the desires of men. The 21st century has seen many changes in the worldviews of the global community. Different bodies campaign for the rights of people indulging in practices that the global society has seen as taboos, including rights of same-sex marriage, abortion, and prostitution. This is because the society realizes that each individual has a right to choose his or her lifestyle in a democratic world” (Vaquero, n.d). “According to a new survey from The Marist…show more content…
Prostitution (as sex workers) means “men and women who offer sexual services in exchange for money. The services may include prostitution (sexual intercourse) and other services such as phone sex. The key distinction here is that they do it voluntarily. They are not coerced or tricked into staying in the business but have chosen this from among the options available to them” (Ditmore, 2008). Human sex trafficking is “illegal trade in human beings through abduction, the use or threat of force, deception, fraud or sale for the purposes of sexual exploitation or forced labor” (Bernat, 2012, p.…show more content…
There has also been support of legalizing sex work from both The World Health Organization and editors of the top medical journal, The Lancet. The WHO recommends that countries decriminalize sex work because “violence against sex workers is associated with inconsistent condom use or lack of condom use, and with increased risk of STI and HIV infection. Violence also prevents sex workers from accessing HIV information and services” (World Health Organization, 2013). Editors at The Lancet wrote that there is “no alternative” to decriminalizing sex work in order to protect sex workers from STI’s, such as HIV (Cooper, 2014). Rhode Island also effectively legalized prostitution on accident when they removed the section defining the act itself as a crime while attempting to revise it, and they discovered they couldn’t prevent prostitutes and their customers from engaging in commercial exchange in a court case that took place in 2003. Over the next six years following 2003, new cases of gonorrhea among women statewide declined by 39% and rapes declined by 31% (Ehrenfreund,

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