The Pros And Cons Of Proposition 66

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Proposition 66 changes the death penalty procedures by speeding up the appeals process, establishing a time frame for death penalty review, and requiring appointed attorneys to work on death penalty cases. This proposition keeps the death penalty in place and helps compensate the victims’ families for their loss by making the criminal work while in prison (BallotPedia). Proposition 66 must pass because it will eliminate the worst criminals from society and ensure justice inside the citizens hearts.
There are voters who are not in favor of Proposition 66. They say that, while keeping the death penalty, “the system has cost taxpayers about $5 billion” (The Times Editorial Board). In California, “one report estimated that the state could save
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According to the Voter’s Guide, Proposition 66 actually “saves taxpayers money, because heinous criminals will no longer be sitting on death row at taxpayer expense for 30+ years” (Official Voter Information Guide). With Proposition 66’s reforms, Californians “will save […] over $30,000,000 annually, according to former California Finance Director Mike Genest, while making our [the state’s] death penalty system work” (BallotPedia). The job of Californians right now is not to get rid of the death sentence, but to revise and improve on it. Proposition 66 allows for this because it speeds up the death sentence procedures and reduces the people on the death row list. Moreover, “[right now,] death row inmates spend their days in a single-person cell with their own television, radio and other luxury items” (Ramos). The prisoners did not get the death sentence so they could have a lavish, leisure life. Proposition 66 turns this comfortable life upside down by making the prisoners work and pay compensation to the victims’ families. This proposition, not only proves that removing the death penalty will increase the taxpayers money, but also says that brutal killers should not be given “lifetime housing and health care” (Ramos). Also, “shortening the appeals process would shorten condemned prisoners’ lifetimes—and therefore…show more content…
Although there have been some incidences, before 1978, that have been convicted wrongly, the opposition “can’t name an exonerated individual from California’s post-1978 Death Row because there aren’t any” (Saunders – “Save the Death Penalty. No on Prop. 62”). It is highly unlikely that an innocent person will be convicted wrongly because “all appeals based on evidence or issues outside the record, known as habeas corpus appeals, would need to be presented in one case” (Smith). This action will “force qualified attorneys to take capital appeals cases” and give both sides of the court an equal chance at winning the court case (Smith). With neither side having a significant change in skill of attorneys, it will be impossible for one side to gain an advantage during the procedure. If Proposition 66 is passed, these experienced attorneys will help the truth be unveiled by sealing all means of escaping for the felon. Furthermore, Proposition 66 will speed up the death penalty appeals process while ensuring that no innocent person is ever executed (Hestrin). Therefore, this proposition will ensure the safety of all Californians and open all gates to new information about the death penalty
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