The Pros And Cons Of Police Discrimination

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Hate is the most unneeded part of life. Hatred has no personal benefit, it only cause harm. In the United States hate is a very common theme in our countries problems, we hate them, we hate her, we hate it. Kids growing up in the United States are taught by their parents, peers and caretaker, who and what to hate. We sometimes hate because it is not enough to just cheer for a team you have to hate another. Children learn these bias and continue to follow them as they grow up. Hate can go from something as simple as hating one team, to something so vulgar as to hating another race. Hatred leads to mistrust and mistrust can lead to a biased and a wrongful action. We see these acts of mistrust and wrongful actions all too regularly on the news today. …show more content…

Police officers must rely on instinct and quick decision making to keep a potential situation calm. These instincts have been seen to cause more harm than good when racial profiling is involved. These biases against a race could have been implanted from childhood, personal experience, or learned behaviors. These events involving racial profiling, and police brutality, have become more common and have gained national recognition. The national stage creates a following for the wrongful misjudgment and most often over use of power by the police officer. The wrongful death of people by an ardent officer due to his lack of judgment of the situation is unacceptable and must be fixed. I believe police officers need to complete a series of simulations, need to be trained to enter potentially racial profiling situations not without intent but as a precautionary measure, and lastly I believe police officer partners must monitor each other for over use of power of mistreatment of the suspect. All of the measures in combination could prevent riots, deaths, and national distrust of our police

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