The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Although there are many opinions on gun control related laws, the American Government should make more laws like the Georgia Gun Rights Bill. At first, this law sounds ridiculous, but with deeper thought, it could really work. This law would allow citizens of Georgia to carry firearms with them virtually anywhere (Simon). That’s right. Anywhere. Our reasoning behind why this act could be successful is simple; it equals the playing field. Criminals and those with mental disorders looking to harm others with use of firearms will be able to obtain possession of a gun one way or another, regardless of if it’s legal or not. So, when the time comes when there is an impending threat from a person with a firearm, other citizens will be able to defend themselves. This would enable responsible citizens to carry weapons to defend themselves against people who also have weapons and are potential threats. Furthermore, if the government made laws outlawing guns, it would not stop gun violence. A similar scenario are the laws against illegal drugs. According to CNN, a frightening 22 million Americans use drugs anyway. And the government thinks laws outlawing guns will prevent people from obtaining guns illegally? Not a chance. Obviously, the solution is to not take guns away from responsible citizens.
Not only does gun control disarm citizens, but it also increases the crime rate. Many people believe that with stricter gun control laws, there will be less crime because less people will have access to guns. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, this is not true due to one big reason; laws don't apply to criminals. So, doesnt that mean the criminals have the advantage? The answer is yes… for states with low gun ownership. In 2012, North Dakota had a tot...

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... control laws is wrong for America. Our Constitution gives every citizen the right to bear arms, and laws, like the Georgia Gun Rights Bill, respect that privilege. In addition, disarming innocent citizens will only expose them to the risk of being harmed by criminals and the mentally ill who obtain and use weapons. Furthermore, people wouldn’t have to worry about the risk of being attacked if they were given the absolute right to protect themselves, as supported by recent evidence. Therefore, abolishing laws that restrict that right makes perfect sense. On top of this, laws that restrict our right to bear arms creates the potential risk of a despotic governments all over the nation, and when this occurs, a peoples’ rebellion will not be able to be carried out. In the end, taking the firearms away from the public has been putting this nation into a downwards spiral.
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