The Pros And Cons Of Gender Stereotyping

Gender stereotyping refers to the different roles given to individuals in the society according to their sexuality. The differences between males and females have existed from long ago where the woman was allowed to take care of the family while the man was supposed to provide for the family. It is only recently that there has been a shift in the roles that men and women have where you will find women offering and people remaining behind to take care of the family (Barker & Duschinsky, 2012). In the current generation, there is a fight that is ongoing to ensure that there is gender equality between the two sexes. Gender stereotyping has its positive and negative impacts, and it is good that the stereotyping which are based on taboos and myths…show more content…
Most people who have been brought up by the old fashioned parents believe that it is the role of the man in the family to provide. This has therefore helped the parents to teach their children especially those of the male gender that they need to work hard to be in a position to provide for their families. The females, on the other hand, are taught that they should stay submissive to their husbands. Some look at being passive as a weakness, but the positive side of it is that it is a positive vice as it helps the family setup thrive (Heilman, 2012). Teaching the young ladies to respect their husbands is a good thing as this will reduce the many divorces that are experienced in the current…show more content…
I believe that both genders should be given equal opportunity in the society as this would be helpful for the growth of the community. The male and the females should be allowed to live to their potential that is if they are unable to live to what the society expects (Heilman, 2012).
In conclusion, gender, stereotyping has its pros and cons, and if these are weighed, then the cons outshine the advantages and thus this idea should be done away with. The society should embrace gender equality where the children are given equal chances irrespective of their sex and thus this will enable everyone to live in harmony. This will allow the male to take up positions of being nurses and be comfortable without having a fear of being judged by the society. The world with therefore have positions open for both the males and the females without giving priority to one and overlooking the

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