The Pros And Cons Of Crime

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In the American society criminal activity has become a part of the everyday activity. At any given time an individual can turn on the news and there has been some type of criminal activity that is headlining the news. More often then not it is a violent crime. Thanks to the media and exposure to crime on a regular basis as well as the entertainment industry, and other outlets projecting a certain stereotype of crime, and also criminals, society has developed their own definition of each. Society has also developed many myths or misconceptions about crime itself, and has distorted the realities to fit their mythical beliefs. HOW SOCIETY DEFINES CRIMINALS Most individuals in America will define a criminal as being an individual that commits…show more content…
Crime and society are inseparable since time memorial. They are interrelated. Dating back the history, it is an undaunted fact that ever since human beings started living together commission of crime erupted” (Patel, 2011). Since the time of the Founding Fathers of the United States fought for their freedom from England, they had a vision of what the United States could be. To ensure their vision would come to fruition they developed the Constitution as well as a Bill of Rights to ensure the people had rights that could not be taken from them. To bring social order to the communities the government then implemented laws to ensure there would be punishments for the actions of the citizens. Over time society has also determined a sense of morality and these morals change determined by the culture of the area that one may come from. America is a melting pot of many different cultures, nationalities, religions, and people. With in these different demographics of the nation the morals and values that some may consider the “unwritten laws” of the land will change. One must now determine when these laws that imposed by the government and also their culture, what is crime. Some would say that any violation of either laws would be considered criminal activity, while others would say that defiance of only the laws of the government is criminal activity. Who is correct? Does it have to be one or the…show more content…
This statement is a myth. White collar crimes not only affect the corporation or organization that is a victim of the crime, but often times these crimes are committed by the organizations cause financial instability or concerns for the citizens it provides services to. When the reach of financial instability impacts the lives of the citizens, the unstable income can cause more crime of many different types to be committed out of necessity. When an individual has a family to support, and the white-collar crime took away their means of support, the individual will do anything to ensure their families survival. The myth that white-collar crimes do not harm an individual is so hard to abandon because of the definition of white-collar crime itself. White-collar crimes focus on the “key institutions in which those crimes take place and normally who benefits from the crime” (TV, 2010). The idea that no one is hurt from white-collar crime is also not widely advertised, it is not a popular crime to report. These crimes are something from the “movies” that seem to be nearly impossible to accomplish, and therefore are not likely to be thought about as often as street

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