The Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding In Public

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In addition to, everyone came from the womb of their mother and that they have experienced to be breastfed as well. Thus, there is not enough reason to discriminate mothers by telling them to hide in a corner or bathroom to nurse their babies because they are only doing their responsibility as a mother to their child. Also, it is unethical for people who demand mothers to breastfeed their babies in the washroom because first of all, no one wants to eat nor drink in a bathroom or restroom, and second if mothers delay their breastfeeding just for the sake of people who are batting an eye, or saying negative things against breastfeeding such as it is indecent, weird, nudity, or it makes them uncomfortable; then it will be consider as neglect…show more content…
There are several factors which contribute to the disapproval of breastfeeding which includes culture who holds sexual connotations, innocent children who may see it, and other people consider it as indecent exposure. Moreover, the issue about breastfeeding varies in countries and cultures, because there are cultures who are conservative such as the countries in Asia especially Philippines who prohibits breastfeeding in public since they value and preserve their dignity, and that they view it as a shameful act because they believe that a breast is a sexual part of the body, therefore it shouldn’t be expose to the public as it is consider a sexual actor perversion.They think that exposing woman’s breast is associated with sex rather than milk or breastfeeding itself , and that they also think it is dangerous since Philippines has a high rate of rape incidents.Thus, they view breastfeeding as indecent since mother’s breast is exposed to people especially men and catches their attention. “In Philippines breastfeeding in public is prohibited, yet a woman nursing in public may take the risk to be declared unethical if her breast is partially covered and exposed.” (Iacovidou, 2014). Also, not just the culture itself, but religion plays a significant role as well about the perspective towards breastfeeding such as “Pakistan has strict cultural standards for modesty and naked human skin is frowned upon due to religious reasons. A small minority of Asian countries criminalizes breastfeeding in public. Indeed, it is unacceptable and offensive to breastfeed in public places of Saudi Arabia and Bali.”( Iacodivou, 2014) In addition to, breastfeeding in public especially in restaurants could be disturbing for the customers and everyone else who see it, and also other parents wouldn’t like
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