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Breastfeeding in Public Controversy

Breastfeeding in Public Controversy
Emily Tirado
Kaplan University
May 16, 2016

Breastfeeding in Public Controversy
There is the common argument that women are over exposing themselves when breastfeeding in public. Exposed breasts are everywhere in movies, magazines and on television. Putting a baby to the breast to nourish them everything about the breast becomes offensive and those mothers are made to feel embarrassed. The fact is that a new mother has gone through so many changes that there is nothing sexual about the act of breastfeeding. There is a good possibility that breastfeeding is one of the most challenging things she has done. It is frustrating that at this day in age society has tried to prevent something that is healthy and natural. Breastfeeding is an amazing bond between a mother and her baby and the nutritional benefits are essential to an infant’s growth. Some people will argue that breastfeeding in public is not appropriate and should only be done behind closed doors. Then there are others that will argue that a breastfeeding mother should be able to breastfeed where ever her child needs to eat. Since everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, we can no longer ignore the breastfeeding controversy surrounding the feeding of a baby. Society needs to support and respect a woman that chooses to breastfeed her baby in public.
We are all in agreement that a mother needs to feed her baby whether it is bottle or breast. However, there isn’t an agreement on where a mother should be allowed to breastfeed her baby. The breastfeeding in public controversy started because of the indecent exposure laws that were passed in most states. A woman right to br...

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