The Problems Of Teaching Sex Education In Schools

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Teaching sex education in schools can create problems. Sometimes teaching sex education at all in schools are banned rise. These problems have solutions, however, there are ways to fix them, so teaching sex education to students is done the right way and is accepted by the parents. Sex education is not a topic that some parents want teachers talking to their teens about. Without it being taught at school, some students will not get proper education because students will not get the proper education as some parents will choose not to talk about it with their teens. I believe there is a solution for each problem that can arise with sex education being taught in schools. One problem with teaching sex education in schools originate from the parents.…show more content…
Some schools decide to teach abstinence only programs, which are not effective enough. I believe this because some parents do not believe their teen should be taught to never have sex until marriage. Along with that parents are again being the ones who need to be educated before the teenagers are. There are parents do not agree with their teeanger being taught sex education in schools because they think their teenager is only being taught about having sex. What parents do not fully know is there is more to sex education than just sex. More sex education classes are being taught health and wellness also. Advocates for Youth is a site that post characteristics for effective sex education to help people better understand what makes highly effective sex education courses. Possible characteristics given by Brigid McKeon, an author for Advocates for Youth writing the article “Effective Sex Education” are teachers getting to know the youth and to clarify what the teenagers values are, being able to provide medically accurate information is important for the parents to believe the teachers are teaching their teenagers the right material and also facts, being able to offer age appropriate sexual health information while also being able to work well with younger generation individuals…show more content…
As Royster, a man who was interviewed for an CDC article about sex education, stated from youth individuals, “There is no one in school teaching me how to protect myself. I didn 't learn about this in school.” (“CDC Reports Rise In Teen Pregnancy, STD Rates”). Parents have the right in this world to not accept the fact of teachers being the person to educate their teenagers sex education in schools. Teens have huge opportunities in life they can succeed in, for an example teen pregnancy can lower the chance of a teen finishing high school or going to the college she dreamed of. Not all parents will end up educating their teenagers about sex education, mainly because some parents do not want to teach their teenagers because it will make them want to experiment while some parents are also uncomfortable talking to their teenagers about sex education, parents told the authors of The Parents Role article (“The Parent 's Role"). In the best way to solve this problem I think a good solution is to have parents be more educated about what can happen if their own teenagers are not taught properly and for parents to take classes to know what their teenagers are being
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