The Problem Of Steroids In Baseball

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Steroids are used in every sport. In baseball steroids are used and you are able to tell which ones take it. Baseball is not like football where everyone on the field is big. When a baseball player takes steroids you are able to tell because of the way they stand out. Many people come up with solutions to the problem of steroid use. In baseball Sealy thinks one required test a year and three random tests a year. Bradbury says players who keep clean get bonus and those who don’t get fined but still are able to play. Ham says that if one player does not pass the team will pay a fine, the player’s salary will go to charity, and the team will lose their first round draft pick of the upcoming draft. Hogan states that the steroid problem is going to happen anyways so let it happen. Steroids are a part of the game and are going to happen anyways but those who are tested and clean get rewarded and those who don’t pass hurt there team.
There are many problems with using steroids. One problem is that the person who takes steroids has advantage over the person who follows the rules and does not take it. Steroids help change a player’s ability from what they were before they took steroids. This is unfair to the player who has not taken steroids because the person that is taking them do not have to work as hard on their ability as the person who does not take them. Another problem is its illegal. This is a problem because even though it’s illegal players are still using steroids. This is not fair to the ones who are following the rules and not getting to play because of a player who is breaking the rules are getting better because of steroids not because they are deserving it. Steroids are also dangerous to take. Steroids can cause high blood...

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...eir team. Testing will be a great way to keep players from using steroids. With these test players won’t be able to get on steroids and get them out of their system before the next test. To help support the testing when a player gets caught taking these steroids is when the punishment comes into play. With punishment where they can’t play, get fined, lose their money, or they hurt their whole team. This will keep players from using steroids. Then finally to help the other solutions and to reward the players that do stay clean. If a player is clean then they get bonuses from the money of players that don’t stay clean. With this it will make players want to stay clean because of the bonuses they can be getting and they won’t be losing their own money. With the testing, punishment, and rewards this should make it to where steroids are not a problem in baseball anymore.
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