William Golding's The Kite Runner And Lord Of The Flies

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In the books The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding, both Amir and Ralph go through many similar troubles, and change according to their ups and downs. When Amir is young, he goes through painful torments by his fathers disregard for him, and as he witnesses the rape of Hassan, he doesn’t bother to intervene, as it will gain the respect of his father. When Ralph hears about the death of Piggy, and the possibility of getting rescued, a change in the characters thought process begins. Amir as well as Ralph share common traits of loss of innocence, that changes them from an innocent immature character into a mature, and responsible character. Amir goes through many events that take place in the book that change him, and the way he is perceived within the book. Amir is a young boy, who is tortured by his father’s scrutinizing character. Amir is also jealous of Hassan, because of the fact that his father likes Hassan instead of Amir. Amir fights for his father’s approval, interest, and love. This is when Amir changes for the good as he deals with the guilt of the rape of Hassan. Amir witnessed Hassan getting raped, but decides to nothing in order to win over his father’s interest. The guilt that Amir builds up is carries from his premature times as a child to his mature times. From Afghanistan to Manoj 2 America, Amir’s guilt stays with him, even though the relationship between Amir and his father improves. Over the period of the book, Amir seeks redemption and interest of his father. As Amir’s father speaks with his business partner, and friend Rahim Khan he states how different Amir is from his father, “ He’s always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he’s lost in some drea... ... middle of paper ... ...ons. Assef also bullies Amir, and Hassan. Both Amir and Ralph feel regret, and remorse at the death of Piggy, and the rape of Hassan. Both Hosseini, and Golding have characters that go through changes similar to one another, that change the way they are as a person, and the actions they take. Ralph and Amir go through many events that portray their loss of innocence, and their change from immature, to responsible mature character. Ralph goes through events that make him touch reality and take in consideration the seriousness of events; this as a result changes him to a mature, and responsible character. Similar to Amir, Amir goes through changes, which changes him, which make him a more mature character. Amir and Ralph show many similarities in their characteristics, as they both go through loss of innocence and many life events that change their characteristics.
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